Vikings: Each Main Character Ranked From Worst To Best

Finally find out who was the greatest Viking.

Vikings Lagertha

The season six finale signalled an emotional end to the Vikings saga. It was a seven-year rollercoaster ride, full of thrills and spills. Though some of the stories became far-fetched, the quality of characters remained intact.

It is suggested that the show declined after series four as it struggled to deal with the loss of Ragnar. That is a matter of opinion but the depth in quality of characters was there. It was just that the main characters in the latter series were harder to connect with.

The harsh reality of the ninth century meant that stars of the show came and went frequently. However, there are stalwarts in each series that ensure viewing pleasure. The only difficult task is deciding which out of those key figures is best.

Great idea to start this article then.

For Vikings newbies, this article will contain spoilers. I advise you watch the series before reading on. Veterans, brace yourself for a lovely stroll down memory lane.

10. Hvitserk

Vikings Lagertha
History Channel

One person you can’t help but feel sorry for is Hvitserk. He spends the entire show in the shadow of his brothers and faces nothing but rotten luck. The man himself has many great attributes despite the struggles he faces and for this reason he squeezes into the top ten.

From the offset you could see that Hvitserk was the ‘other’ son of Ragnar. Bjorn was a beast, Ubbe was a leader, Ivar was Aslaug’s favourite and even Sigurd had the weird snake eye. He was the middle-man and the son that people forgot.

The character all but admits this in the last series but he has qualities that help to define him. His love for his brothers is unparalleled. The development of his and Ivar’s relationship is great to see and the culmination at the latter’s death is an awesome scene.

He is a fierce warrior that was part of the heathen army which conquered the forces of Northumbria and Wessex. Add to this his tragic love stories and battle with drug addiction. You get an excellent character that can hold his own.

Certainly not one of the greatest but well worthy of his place in the top ten.

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