The Walking Dead 'Indifference': 5 Reasons Rick's Right

5. Rick Can Be Ruthless, But He Can't Just Be Ruthless

Rick Right Ruthless Part of the way through the episode, Carol explains that Rick can be a farmer, but he can€™t just be a farmer €“ she feels that Rick is retreating into the sanctuary of a single role. Carol also recognizes that this attitude can make him complacent to the reality of the world around them. If Rick is satisfied with a life as a farmer, then he€™s liable to ignore any pressing issues outside of that. This is an accurate assessment after the complacency we saw in season 2; life moves a heck of a lot slower out there in the fields. For Carol, however, the importance of another role has risen above all others: the role as a survivalist. She even refuses to take on the role of mother after Lizzie calls her €˜mom€™. Carol is completely focused on offering tips to stay alive. She insists that action is always worth taking. If Carol sees a means to help the group, then she intends to take it, and she wants Rick to do the same. Frankly, this is a very fair argument made by Carol. However, she€™s taken it to an extreme €“ she€™s completely invested in unflinching and robotic survival. Carol kills first and asks questions later, and if you don't believe me, just ask Karen and David. Oh, wait a minute. She also instructs Lizzie to run when things go south, and tells her not to be afraid of killing. Essentially, she tells Lizzie to trust no one but herself. Carol rejects complacency, promoting immediate and ruthless action. Rick can€™t just be a farmer, but he also can€™t just be a ruthless survivalist. He€™s tentative about the steps he takes, and he asks questions before he shoots. Like a farmer, Rick plants seeds and is willing to nurture them in newcomers such as Sam and Ana. Rather than simply preventing its demise, Rick also searches for opportunities to grow the group. Moreover, he€™s also capable of taking necessary action. Getting rid of Carol was a calculated decision; he gave her a fair trial, and she never stepped away from her extreme. Rick finds a balance that Carol is unable to accept.

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