WandaVision: 10 Insane Fan Theories You Need To Know

Are the mutants coming to the MCU, or have they been here all along?

Marvel Studios

Just like the rest of the world, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been hit hard in 2020. By now, we should have seen Black Widow, been enjoying Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+ within the coming months, and should be looking forward to the release of Eternals in just a few weeks.

While these three properties have all seen delays, the good news for MCU fans is that WandaVision, originally scheduled to be the franchise's second Disney+ release, has been moved up to a late 2020 release. More than 18 months after the last MCU instalment, we can finally start getting excited about its long awaited return.

As soon as it was announced, WandaVision was slated to be the most bizarre, and unique project the franchise has ever been a part of, and the marketing material that has been released since has done nothing but back this claim up.

Naturally, the show that will seemingly bring Vision back from the dead has sparked a frenzy of rumours and fan theories, and not just surrounding how Paul Bettany's character can return. There are countless questions that need answering, and the wonderful fans of the MCU have come up with some quite exceptional potential answers.


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