WandaVision: 8 HUGE Questions For The Final 2 Episodes

7. Who Is That Imposter, Pietro?

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By now it seems pretty clear that Evan Peters is not in fact playing Pietro Maximoff. Whether the MCU version or the Fox version, the chances of Wanda's twin actually being in Westview are now essentially at zero.

Instead, it would appear that he is nothing more than an imposter, placed in Wanda's life by Agatha as a deception. The last two weeks of trying to figure out why he looks different and how he can possibly be alive now seem redundant with the answer simply being he is not.

If not Pietro, then who exactly is Evan Peters playing? Is he someone that is consciously working with Agatha or, like the rest of the Westview residents, is he there against his will and under some sort of spell? Could it be that the character everyone thought was a huge revelation surrounding the multiverse turns out to be just a normal man from Westview, New Jersey?

With his Pietro façade likely now useless, as even Wanda has told her children that he is not their uncle, the character may not be of much use to Agatha anymore. Though it appears that he is being used as a security guard of sorts to keep Monica out of her basement, it's unlikely this will end well for him.

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