WandaVision: 8 More Questions Raised After Episode 3

The MCU's first Disney+ TV show continues to pose plenty of questions...

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When the first two episodes of WandaVision dropped together, Marvel Studios offered fans nothing in the way of answers and instead posed more and more questions. After going through the fifties and sixties with homages to the likes of I Love Lucy and Bewitched, the third episode was vastly different.

'Now In Colour', as the title suggests, brought the series out of the black and white of the previous two episodes and into a colourful 1970s style with an unmistakable Brady Bunch feel. Though different in this regard from the previous two entries, there were similarities in the fact that fans were still given few answers as to the overarching plot.

This episode focused on the next step in Wanda and Vision's relationship, as they went from a family of two to a family of four in less than 24 hours, while still trying to fit in with the Westview residents and live as normal lives as possible.

From weird interactions with neighbours, to Wanda taking control of the town and a first real look outside of Westview, episode three raised even more questions than episodes one and two put together...

8. What Was Wrong With Herb?

WandaVision Wanda
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In episodes one and two, Herb played something of a minor role as a part of the neighbourhood watch meeting, and as the mark of Vision's card trick during the town's talent show. Thanks to their interactions with Wanda, there was more of a spotlight on the likes of Dottie and Agnes than Herb, but this changed slightly in episode three.

'Now In Colour' saw the character play a much more intriguing role in the narrative, though he only appeared in a couple of scenes. As he was trimming the hedges, he went a little too far and started sawing straight through the brick wall he shared with Wanda and Vision.

Even when his neighbour pointed out what he was doing, Herb simply acknowledged Vision and carried on, looking him straight in the face while he continued to trim the brick and mortar. This behaviour was bizarre, and certainly raised questions about Herb.

What exactly was happening to him? Was he suffering a glitch in some way shape or form? Or could he have been affected by Wanda's pregnancy in the same way the town's pipes and phone lines were later in the episode?


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