Wandavision: Every Episode Ranked

The Best of Westview.

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Wandavision, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first TV series on Disney Plus, was a long time coming, but turned out to be well worth the wait. The show followed Wanda Maximoff and the Vision, last seen being killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, living out their daily life as if ti were a sitcom.

The pair hopped decades, spoofing the likes of The Dick Van Dyke Show, Bewitched, Malcolm in the Middle, Modern Family, and more. All the while, fans felt a creepy suspicion that the sitcom inspired town of Westview was more than it seemed.

Because of the different decades present throughout each outing, every episode of Wandavision has its own distinct feeling. Some feel straight out of 1960s television sets, while others belong on the big screen alongside Marvel's films.

As such, ranking the episodes of Wandavision is no easy task. The series consistently released high quality content, putting out a stellar episode of television every week. The only question is which episodes are great and which are top tier Marvel Cinematic Universe content.

Here is every episode of Wandavision ranked.

9. Now in Color

WandaVision Scarlet Witch Costume
Marvel Studios

The third episode of the series, Now in Color, follows Wanda and Vision in a Brady Bunch-esq 70s themed setting. After the surprising ending of the previous episode, Wanda's pregnancy accelerates rapidly. Despite magically conceiving just a few days before, Wanda goes into a very premature labour, all while trying to hide her powers from Geraldine. Chaotic hilarity ensues, including a stork coming to life.

The episode ends on a creepier note, when, after the birth of Tommy and Billy Maximoff, Wanda says that she was once a twin. When Geraldine correctly identifies her brother as Pietro, and names Ultron as his killer, Wanda responds violently, forcing her out of Westview altogether.

Despite its ranking on this list, Now in Color is a fun episode. The fact that it ranks as the weakest of the series speaks to Wandavision's high quality, not Now in Color's lack thereof. However, the episode is not quite as funny as the previous two entries, and doesn't pose as many new major questions.

Still, if Now in Color is your weakest episode, you've got a great show on your hands.

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