Wandavision: Every Episode Ranked

8. Filmed Before A Live Studio Audience

WandaVision Scarlet Witch Costume
Marvel Studios/Entertainment Weekly

The first episode of Wandavision, Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience, starts off on an adorable note, as Wanda and Vision face the biggest threat to the MCU since Thanos and Mysterio (technically)...Vision's new boss, Mr. Hart. Fans who came to see the superpowered robot and witch duo might not have been craving an episode where they cook dinner and entertain houseguests, but it was a welcome surprise.

The episode takes cues from iconic sitcoms like The Dick Van Dyke Show, and is even shown in a similar black and white colouring. It's surprisingly really funny, with superheroes utilizing classic sitcom tropes.

However, during their dinner, Vision's boss starts choking when he asks where they came from, posing the first of many mysteries. The episode answers no questions about Wanda and Vision's situation, and as such audiences went crazy trying to figure out what was going on, adding to the episode's brilliance.

While Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience doesn't have as much to offer as some of the later episodes, it's a fun little outing that sets the stage for one of the best entries in the MCU.

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