WandaVision: Ranking The Show's Six Sitcom Eras

Whether paying homage to Malcolm in the Middle or The Brady Bunch, which WandaVision era was best?

WandaVision Episode Six Malcolm in the Middle
Marvel Studios

Now that WandaVision, Marvel Studios' first foray into streaming television, has come to the end of its run, it's a perfect time to look back on all the things the series did well.

One of the most unique, talked about, and well reviewed aspects of the series was its use of sitcom tropes through the decades, ranging from the fifties with an homage to The Dick Van Dyke show, right through to the present day with a play on Modern Family.

Fans expecting the usual MCU style action were left confused, and some even a little underwhelmed, with the show's first few classic sitcom themed episodes.

While the show did include classic MCU content as it went on, the sitcoms were, as it turned out, vital to WandaVision's plot, offering glimpses into Wanda Maximoff's past before joining the Avengers. The sitcoms were so important, in fact, that the show's cast and crew even attended a sitcom bootcamp to ensure that they tackled each of the six eras accurately.

For the most part, their efforts were a resounding success, with awards buzz swirling around the cast, particularly leading lady Elizabeth Olsen. Even so, some episodes accomplished their goal just a little more successfully than others. So, here are all of WandaVision's best sitcom episodes.

6. 2010s - Modern Family/The Office

WandaVision's seventh episode took its inspiration from the mockumentary style sitcoms of the 2010s - mostly Modern Family, with a few references to The Office thrown in.

The tropes that the episode uses, it uses well. The cutaway gag regarding Wanda's expansion of the Hex is brilliant, making light of a situation that had seemed quite serious.

The on-camera interview segments are also brilliant, with Olsen, Bettany, and Kathryn Hahn all nailing their performances in these fun scenes. Fans were delighted when, at one point in the episode as various mishaps delayed him getting home to Wanda and the boys, Vision broke the fourth wall, looking into the camera in a perfect homage to Jim from The Office.

However, being so close to the end of the series meant it was much more common for events outside the Hex to encroach on the sitcom shenanigans.

The need to accommodate this meant that the episode wasn't able to spend quite as much time embracing the decade's humour as earlier entries. This, more than anything else, keeps the episode from a higher ranking.


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