Watchmen TV Show: HBO And Zack Snyder Teaming Up For New Adaptation

So, you'll be watching the Watchmen, then...

The superhero boom is about to come full circle. Though 2008's Iron Man is generally held as the first great comic book movie of the current period (Batman Begins doesn't count, because while it's a superhero movie, it's about a million miles away from being a comic book movie), Watchmen probably did more to shape the MCU and the DCEU. It was the moment when the post-superhero movie came into existence (assuming you ignore the claims of The Incredibles in 2004), launching the contradiction of pulpy tone and ideological weight that continues to shape the genre now. And now, 6 years after the film - a flawed but brilliant adaptation of the source (no matter what Alan Moore might claim) - it looks like the source is going to be readapted by the same man for TV. According to Collider, Zack Snyder has met with HBO to talk about a Watchmen TV series. Whether it would be a prequel, an expanded retelling or a sequel remains unconfirmed, but you'd have to suspect it would be one of the first two, given that a superhero movie in a world that no longer needs superheroes would be somewhat redundant. Collider are careful to stress that nothing has been greenlit yet - and draw comparisons with canned high-profile projects from David Fincher and Noah Baumbachas morality tales - but it's hard not to get excited about the possibility of more from Moore's genius brain. As is his usual way, he will probably be entirely outraged with whatever results, no matter how good it is. So what are the options? A straight remake, with the missing pieces cut from the movie (including the Tales Of The Black Freighter in live action form) restored and a longer form frame to really get into the source would be a great idea. Whether Zack Snyder would be the best man to adapt that longer form remains to be seen however - he has notorious issues with restraint after all. A more sensible option would be to adapt the Before Watchmen prequel series, which would focus on the original Minutemen, and would be a more pure superhero series, rather than a post-superhero glum-fest. Could they set it up as eight different character-centric shows that will culminate in one event tie-in, as Marvel's The Defenders will? The idea of Comedian and Rorschach stand-alone shows is enough to make that idea irresistible. So what do you think? Should HBO greenlight a Snyder-led Watchmen TV show? Should it be a prequel event? Share your thoughts below in the comments thread.
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