What Happens Next? - 10 MORE Planned Seasons Of Cancelled TV Shows

Why did these shows end when they had so much more to tell?

Jessica Alba Dark Angel

There's nothing worse than when a show ends with an unresolved cliffhanger... Okay, there are lots of things worse but it's still pretty annoying. Shows get cancelled all the time because of declining ratings, budget concerns, and studio interference. It's upsetting when a truly great series ends like Breaking Bad or Game of-...I mean Breaking Bad. Obviously, a show has to end some day. Nothing lasts forever. Nevertheless, it's frustrating when a program is cancelled in the middle of a story arc, leaving tons of issues unresolved.

There are some series that were meant to last six or seven years but were scrapped after only a single season. (I'm looking at you, Firefly.) Some series are planned out season by season, only to be cancelled straight after they are green-lit. Through interviews with tv writers, producers, directors, and actors, we have learned what would have happened to some of our favourite programs if they were not axed so abruptly.

If you haven't seen a show mentioned here but you intend to watch it, it's best to skip to the next one as there will be spoilers galore on this list.

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10. Constantine

Jessica Alba Dark Angel
The CW

After the success of shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, the Arrowverse seemed unstoppable. In 2014, the studio decided it was time to introduce one of the most beloved comic book characters, John Constantine.

Despite the fact the lead actor, Matt Ryan, received a lot of praising for breathing life into the iconic demonologist, Constantine became the first show in the Arrowverse to be cancelled, forcing the occult detective character to be repurposed for the show, Legends of Tomorrow.

Matt Ryan reprised the role in the animated series, Constantine: City of Demons but that too was canned after only five episodes. Ryan continued to play the role in animated films but fans were still frustrated there wasn't a proper continuation of the original show.

According to the creators, Daniel Creore and David S. Goyer, Season 2 would have introduced the paranormal superteam, the Justice League Dark. The original line-up for the group was Deadman, Madame Xanadu, Zatanna, Shade, Mindwarp, and Constantine. Some of these characters did appear throughout the Arrowverse but it would have been amazing to see the JLD in live-action for the first time.


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