What If? Marvel Zombies - 10 Things You Need To Know

9. These Aren't Traditional Zombies

What If Marvel Zombies
Marvel Comics

Zombies are often depicted as mindless, reanimated corpses with a desire for human flesh. Although the Marvel Zombies fit the bill, they have one major difference from conventional zombies - they can think.

Not only that, they have lost none of their cognitive abilities, making them exactly as intelligent as they were when they were alive. This makes undead monstrosities extremely dangerous since they can work together and execute co-ordinated attacks to help them catch a potential meal.

Even though these zombies will eat any human they encounter in an instant, they aren't completely evil. Superheroes like Spider-Man and Hank Pym demonstrate a moral conflict while munching on their friends and teammates.

However, the zombies' hunger overpowers their conscience, compelling them to eat up to ten humans a day. (That rule doesn't apply to Hulk. He eats as many as he wants.) Their desire for devouring flesh is so absolute, they will turn on each other in a heartbeat if anyone jeopardises their chances of eating. Although a lot of the zombies seem to work together, this is only a means to an end since they rarely share food with one another.


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