What The Rick And Morty Voice Actors Look Like In Real Life

The famous faces getting schwifty in the recording booth...

Rick Morty Summer Spencer Grammer
Adult Swim / ABC Family

Some big animated TV shows have popped up over the last ten years or so, from Disenchanted to Bob's Burgers, to BoJack Horseman and Gravity Falls.

Usually running with short episodes, their built-in bingeable quality makes them a natural side effect of the rise of the streaming service, and with there also being an increasing demand for animated shows aimed at adults, it's really not a surprise that we see a lot of different efforts trying to plug that gap.

But very few of those efforts have enjoyed as much success as Rick and Morty, Adult Swim's off-kilter sci-fi comedy series about the galaxy-hopping adventures of high school teen Morty and his brilliant yet bonkers granddad, Rick.

Embarking on a series of adventures across different universes and realities, the duo encounters a huge roster of alien characters, on top of the human cast back on Earth. While watching the now-iconic likes of Birdperson, Mr. Goldenfold, Rick, Morty and Summer, maybe you've even found yourself wondering what the people behind the characters actually look like, and whether or not they've been in anything else of note.

Well, wonder no more - here are your answers.

10. Tom Kenny (Squanchy)

Rick Morty Summer Spencer Grammer
Adult Swim/Gage Skidmore (via WikiMedia Commons)

By far the horniest cat in the universe - and that's saying something, considering how liberal they are with their tongue usage - the permanently-drunk Squanchy is voiced by Tom Kenny, who is most famous for lending his pipes to Spongebob Squarepants.

Kenny has been leading the popular TV cartoon since 1999, appearing in the character's movie and video game adaptations to boot. Elsewhere, he's voiced Spyro the dragon, Wheelie in the Transformers movie series, and Yancy Fry in Futurama, to give just a small selection of his insanely huge catalogue of work.

He actually does more than one voice in Rick and Morty, too. Alongside Squanchy, Kenny has brought Million Ants, Jon, King Jellybean and Pencilvester to life, although it's his work as the crazy old feline that sticks out the most.


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