What We Do In The Shadows - 10 Best Episodes So Far

9. Manhattan Night Club

What We Do in the Shadows Witch's Hat
20th Television

On revealing that the map of the territory that they rule runs no further than the block around their house, the vampires venture beyond Staten Island in search of allies in their quest to conquer America.

In practice this means a trip downtown to vampire-friendly club The Sassy Cat and an encounter with self-important old "friend" Simon The Devious.

Since coming over to America together, Simon's fortunes have been markedly more successful than our trio, leaving him the Vampire King Of Manhattan accompanied by an undead entourage. All of this just goes to show what losers Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja are, especially given that Simon is hardly the epitome of night stalker cool. In fact he's just as pompous and petty as the others, just far more successful.

Our vampires best efforts to blend in with the fashions of the day for their big night out provides some good moments. They're convinced that capes are definitely still in. In particular Laszlo's favourite hat provides the episode's best running gag.

Made from a witch's skin and quite possibly still alive, the hat is very obviously cursed (and hideous to look at). Despite Nadia's insistence that the hat is responsible for everything from the Potato Famine to getting stuck in traffic, Laszlo stubbornly refuses to believe there is anything wrong. It's a great example of Shadows' ability to zoom in on a really specific odd detail and milk it for all it's worth.


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