Where's White Vision? 10 Possible Destinations For The Reborn Avenger

S.W.O.R.D.? Wakanda? White Vision's next MCU chapter may begin in familiar territory.

WandaVision Marvel

Where in the world is White Vision?

WandaVision gave MCU fans a number of unexpected twists. Mephisto was nowhere to be found. Evan Peters didn’t reprise his role as Quicksilver. Grief was the real big bad of the story. And, perhaps most surprisingly, Vision will live to see another day.

Sort of.

Though he has the memories and knowledge of the original Vision, White Vision will not be the original we know and love. Instead, we’ll be treated to the adventures of a new character, a character who’s already facing severe internal conflict.

Where these adventures will take him is a huge question mark and the answer will likely lie wherever White Vision chooses to go first and who he seeks out.

Will he return to his place of resurrection at the Sentient Weapon Observation Response Division headquarters or revisit the final resting place of the original Vision? Could he seek out friends from Vision’s past, such as Steve Rogers or Tony Stark? Or will he find a new crew with less than altruistic motives, perhaps with General Ross?

Let’s throw a few darts at the map and guess his most likely destinations.

10. Wakanda

WandaVision Marvel

A popular guess amongst fans, the final resting place of the original Vision would be an almost poetic way for White Vision to begin his new chapter.

Of all of the memories White Vision now possesses, one of the most powerful has to be his final moments in Wakanda before the Snap. Vision begged Wanda to kill him, only for Thanos to resurrect the android and literally rip his mind from his skull.

Imagine suddenly confronting the trauma of dying twice in a former life.

White Vision may return to Wakanda to try and process his new memories, working backward from Vision's final moments. Should he return to Wakanda, don't expect more than a few seconds of quiet reflection.

The minute he arrives, Wakanda's Royal Guards will be all over the trespasser. Some, like Shuri, may be excited to see that Vision has been reborn. Others may recoil with fear; the last time Vision came to Wakanda, their country was nearly obliterated by Thanos' forces.


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