WWE's Sasha Banks Reacts To Her Acting Role In The Mandalorian

This is the way... for the Legit Boss.

Sasha Banks The Mandalorian

Sasha Banks fulfilled the dream of a lifetime by appearing in Star Wars. This week, the WWE superstar debuted in the latest chapter of The Mandalorian and her role as the badass Koska Reeves was well received by fans.

The SmackDown Women's Champion then took to Twitter and shared the following reaction: "Can't stop screaming, crying and smiling. Thankful". Sasha Banks was credited with her real name, Mercedes Varnado.


We don't know if Sasha Banks is scheduled to appear in more episodes of the Disney+ show but she sure bossed her debut.

In the meantime, after concluding the rivalry with longtime friend turned enemy Bayley, she now needs to turn her attention in the squared circle to Carmella, who attacked her on SmackDown and made a crystal clear statement that she wants another shot at the Women's Championship.


WWE Survivor Series 2020 is just around the corner and maybe the two could have a title match at the PPV, which will be built around The Undertaker's final farewell. And Sasha is for sure ready to fight.

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