X-Men: The Animated Series MIGHT Return With Disney

The best theme music in comic book TV history might be back...

X Men 1992
Fox Kids

If you're an X-Men fan, without thinking too hard you can probably conjure up the greatest TV theme of all time by recalling the opening credits to X-Men: The Animated Series.

For many kids in the 1990s, that show was their in-point for Marvel's mutants and when it ended in 1997, it was a dark day for animation. It had been a Saturday morning staple since 1992 and really changed how serialised cartoons aimed at that sort of market worked.

In a pleasant link to the real world, the show also adapted the Dark Phoenix arc and didn't mess it up, proving that it actually IS possible. No further comment on that front...


Anyway, if you dearly miss the show as much as you should, there might be some good news coming, because THR have revealed a scoop that the creative team behind the show are planning to approach Disney to revive the show on TV and keep the aesthetic of the original, picking up from where it left off, according to X-Men artist Larry Houston.

Now doesn't that just sound like the best possible thing?


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