YOU: 8 Most Intriguing Fan Theories

5. Joe Tried To Kill Candace

You Netflix

Joe was visibly shocked when Candace returned at the end of the season. He says, “Candace, you’re…” and she finishes his sentence with “Alive.” This alone implies that Joe thought she was dead and she knew that.

In one of his hallucinations of Candace, she says to him, “Are you gonna leave Beck alone, or will she end up like me?” This could just be a reference to how things ended, but it also sounds like Joe tried to kill her and believed he was successful.

This fan theory also places Joe as the one running Candace’s Instagram account. When Beck can’t find any trace of Candace online, Joe pulls it up and explains that she changed her name. There are loads of posts on there of Candace supposedly in Italy.

We know that Joe has the skills to maintain a fake social media account as we’ve seen him pretend to be Beck and her friends as a way of making it seem like they were alive for longer.

It’s likely that Joe made and maintained the account in order to protect himself. He knows that Candace’s friends think he had something to do with her disappearance, so he was likely making sure he has proof she’s ok in case anyone gets too close to the truth.

But why did Candace never have an actual social media account? She wouldn’t have wanted to alert Joe to the fact she was still alive. Not until she was ready.


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