YOU: 8 Most Intriguing Fan Theories

1. Beck Is Alive


There are loads of theories about Beck still being alive, but some of them don’t fully check out due to plot holes. However, there are still ways it could work and be the ultimate plot twist.

When Beck finds out Joe killed Benji and Peach, Joe tells her “I would never hurt someone I love.” He could be telling the truth. We never did see Beck’s body for sure, and we don’t yet know if he actually did try to kill Candace.

The body uncovered near Dr. Nicky’s house could have been Ron’s. Joe could’ve made it look like Benji’s by planting the jar of teeth there, along with his creepy box of mementos.

He also could’ve edited Beck’s story a little, especially as Beck claimed to have written “everything”, yet her other friends wondered if Dr. Nicky killed Peach too.

So where is Beck? Still locked away somewhere for Joe’s pleasure of course.

Which YOU fan theories do you believe? Share your favourites down in the comments.

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