YOU Season 3: 9 Exciting Fan Theories

Will Joe and Love try to kill each other?


Netflix is back with our favourite psychological thriller. The first season of YOU introduced us to Joe Goldberg, a charming serial killer who fell in love with young writer Guinevere Beck. Joe only wanted what was best for her, but she and others didn't make it out alive.

In season two, Joe heads to Los Angeles for a fresh start under a new identity. He's now Will Bettelheim and he's detoxing from love (and murder). "Addiction management is key" he says. But it all comes unravelling when he gets a job at high-end grocery Anavrin and meets chef Love Quinn, whose family own the store.

As much as Joe tries to minimise risk this season, things continue to get increasingly out of hand in true Goldberg fashion. His past comes back to haunt him when Candace returns, Love's brother Forty becomes a handful and he has to protect his savvy 15-year-old neighbour Ellie.

A lot happens during this season and the finale leaves us with a cliffhanger so enticing that we can't help but wonder where it'll go next. Fans have been coming up with exciting fan theories to make sense of some of the show's unanswered questions and predict the chaos we might see if it's renewed for a third season.

Contains spoilers for all of YOU season 2.

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