YOU Season 3: 9 Exciting Fan Theories

8. Love Killed Delilah To Serve An Ulterior Motive

YOU Season 2 Joe Love

Love killed Delilah to protect Joe. With her dead, she won't be able to expose Joe's crimes and ruin their relationship. But was there another reason?

Building on the theory that Love slowly poisoned her husband, what if Love killed Delilah because she suspected foul play in James' death? Delilah was a journalist who was often poking around in seedy and suspicious stories, and this could've been on of them.

With episode 6 as reference, Reddit user inthacut12 made an interesting observation: "When Delilah has her big board of names and pictures and stuff when she's working on her article about Henderson, the camera pans to a paper of an article talking about James. It said something about him being sick. Why was it on Delilah's board?"

It's possible that Love knew Delilah suspected her and wanted to keep her quiet. Finding her in the vault was the perfect opportunity to tie off loose ends.

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