YOU: Why You're Wrong To Love Penn Badgley’s Joe

4. Just HOW Much Do People Love Him?

You Penn Badgley

If you're thinking "well, it can't be that bad", Twitter is the place to go. You will find countless fans fawning after Joe and his alleged sexiness - and maybe, just maybe, you can even agree with them. Once you manage to look past his stalking and murderous tendencies, of course.

Perhaps Joe isn't the first creepy guy to have women swooning over him (remember Christian Grey?) and we all know audiences love villains, sometimes even too much. There is a difference, however, between enjoying a well-written villain and romanticizing the hell out of them while completely ignoring their flaws. Or, in some cases, you know, being a literal serial killer.

Sure, not all of the show's fans take it to that extreme. Some appear to be even concerned about their attraction to Joe, whereas others... well, let's just say they don't shy away from their questionable tastes.

He literally kills people. Rips out their teeth so the bodies can't be identified. Stalks, breaks in and proceeds to manipulate the girl he obsesses over to fall in love with him. And we like him because... he's the kind of guy who would help you to get your cat down from the tree?

Yeah, no.


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