10 Best Insults In The History Of MMA

These guys certainly did not hold back when it came to speaking their mind.


Though victory in MMA may appear to be solely defined by 15 or 25 minutes worth of action inside the cage, outside of the physical combat, an extra front of psychological warfare often takes place between fighters hoping to gain any possible advantage available to them.

To some, mixed martial arts should take inspiration from the code of ethics contained in many traditional martial arts, instructing athletes to show respect to their opponents and conduct themself in a certain way.

Many fighters employ this strategy, choosing to let their fighting skills be their only instrument of combat.

However, it pays to remember that MMA is little more than an offshoot of prizefighting, and, as such, the name of the game is to earn as much money as possible while attempting to mitigate the amount of damage taken throughout the course of a career in the cage.

With that in mind, many fighters have taken to insulting their opponents as a way of building intrigue and anticipation ahead of an upcoming fight.

Some of these lines were so good that they have come to be viewed as iconic, and even sometimes as much a part of a fighter's legacy as their performances in competition.


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