10 Best UFC Fighters Of The Decade

The 2010s would have looked a whole lot different without this illustrious bunch.

2016 Getty Images

You could definitely argue that this last decade has been the most important in the UFC's 26 year history. Not only have more people around the world started to tune into the spectacle that is Dana White's unique Mixed Martial Arts titan, but the company has now finally begun to establish itself as a serious force in the world of sports.

It's not hard to see why when you assess the level of talent and vast array of characters which are on display at any given UFC event. Yet, even though we've seen many brilliant fighters in the Octagon over the last ten years, only a small batch of these stars can really stake a claim to being the legitimate shining lights inside of the company during that time.

Be that through putting together a dominant streak or becoming one of the promotion's most marketable faces, these fighters have all proved to be some of the absolute standouts inside of the UFC since 2010 reared its head.

So, as we look to close out the decade, there's surely no better time than now to highlight exactly which stars have made these last ten years unforgettable.


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