10 Greatest Comebacks In UFC History

We look at the UFC fighters who refused to lose despite the odds being firmly stacked against them.

Jeff Chiu/AP/Press Association Images

Like with any competitive sport, there have been some absolutely mind-boggling comebacks in mixed martial arts. There's nothing quite like watching a fighter who has been beaten within an inch of their life roar back and defeat the person who was once causing them so much pain. It's an exceptional and rare feat that fans love to see.

When it comes to turning the tide in MMA, UFC has given us some of the most incredible fightbacks in history. From flash knockouts that seemed impossible only a matter of seconds prior to last gasp submissions that completely broke an opponent who was on top and winning the match-up, the promotion has provided some of the finest upturns in fortune fight fans will ever witness.

While it might seem like a near impossible task to find the best comebacks to have happened in the UFC, we've put together a list of the most incredible in-fight resurgences that you'll ever see inside the Octagon. Get your remote control ready to rewind these fights back as you're going to be shocked, confused and inspired by the toughness of these incredible athletes. Let's begin..


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