10 Greatest Comebacks In UFC History

9. Frankie Edgar Vs. Gray Maynard - UFC 125

Considered by many as one of, if not the, greatest fight in the history of the lightweight division, the insane battle between then UFC 155lb champion, Frankie Edgar and former collegiate wrestler Gray Maynard felt like a fight that came straight out of a Hollywood script.

The two had fought before, with Maynard taking a convincing unanimous decision victory over Edgar three years prior. While Maynard dominated Edgar with his exceptional wrestling in their first fight, The Bully changed up his gameplan in their second match-up, deciding to show how much his hands had improved since their last scrap.

It was honestly quite impressive as the seasoned wrestler turned into an explosive boxer who was hitting Edgar with crushing strikes. His performance in the first round was so dominant that he could've quite easily been given a 10-7 round. However, that wasn't the case and Edgar was given a small shot at survival during the final four rounds of their fight and he took with it both hands.

While Maynard's powerhouse performance was impressive, it was impossible to maintain for 25 minutes. Slowly, but surely Edgar managed to retake control of the fight and eventually earn a draw in the eyes of the judges.


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