10 MMA Fighters You Want To See Knocked Out In 2020

10. Luke Rockhold

Luke Rockhold isn't an easily supportable figure.

The guy has it all and a big mouth to go with it.

He's an avid skater, surfer, oh, and he's a professional model.

Those three outside interests - coupled with his obnoxious attitude - have opened the door up for fans to claim that the former UFC and Strikeforce Middleweight champion is too cocky for his own good and doesn't commit enough to their cherished combat sport.

So, when he was shockingly knocked out by Michael Bisping at UFC 199, nobody - including Rockhold himself - was expecting much sympathy to be hurled his way... and it wasn't.

In the wake of that upset, after falling to Yoel Romero for the interim UFC Middleweight Championship and Jan Blachowicz in his Light Heavyweight debut in 2019, fans were again quick to celebrate Rockhold's very public fall from grace. As of this moment there's no news on whether he will appear again in the Light Heavyweight division, go back to his Middleweight stomping grounds in the near future or just retire from the game completely.

If he does end up strapping on a pair of fingerless gloves in 2020, expect the fans in attendance to hope and pray for him to see stars before his fight goes the distance.


Lifts rubber and metal. Watches people flip in spandex and pretends to be other individuals from time to time...