10 Most Frightening Slams In UFC History

When this lot throw their weight around, you know about it.


Anyone who has ever taken part in a friendly grappling contest with a pal/sibling/parent/milkman at some point in their life can attest to one simple fact.

Being slammed sucks.

Now, imagine being rag-dolled by someone who has been specially trained - to an Olympic standard in some cases - to efficiently cause as much damage as possible with said slam.

Welcome to the world of a Mixed Martial Artist facing off against a takedown machine, who won't settle until they've dropped you on your front or back with terrifying velocity.

Slams - effective ones at least - aren't as common as you'd think. It takes a ridiculous level of physical strength coupled with near-perfect technique to execute a game-changing slam in the middle of the Octagon.

Don't forget, an opponent isn't patiently waiting to be slammed into oblivion. They tend to want to resist. So, that's what makes a successful slam both beautiful and frightening in equal measure.

The art of transforming a fighter's body into a test dummy is an under-appreciated one, but we're going to celebrate said art today. Get the crash mats ready.

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