10 Spine-Tingling UFC Homecomings

There's nothing quite like fighting in front of the shopkeeper you knicked sweets from as a kid...


You know the feeling: You spend a certain amount of time away from the place you've grown up in and achieve things you never knew were imaginable, only to arrive back home and be greeted warmly by the people you had to leave behind in order to do so.

Now just imagine that feeling multiplied by thousands and you'd be a little bit closer to the sensation that must overwhelm a UFC fighter when Dana White's MMA circus rolls into their hometown.

There's a cheer, then there's a homecoming earthquake and only a select few stars ever get the chance to experience the euphoric feeling of performing in front of a sold out arena in their home town, state or country. Even less manage to gain a victory in front of a capacity home crowd and if that does happen to be the case, be sure to bring some cotton buds for your ears or else you're probably about to be irreparably deafened.

It's a sight to behold when these rare occasions are dreamt up into reality and they are definitely worth reliving if given the chance...like now for example!


Lifts rubber and metal. Watches people flip in spandex and pretends to be other individuals from time to time...