10 Strongest Chins In UFC History

Because having a chin made out of granite is always a good thing!

Duane Burleson/AP

In the world of UFC - and in MMA, period - so often it's absolutely vital to have a great chin.

A slew of big-hitting powerhouses have been let down over the years due to the simple fact that they have a glass jaw - here's looking at you, Alistair Overeem - and the sport of MMA can at times be more about how hard a shot you can take rather than how hard a shot you can give.

Size and technique can be left redundant if a fighter has a chin that flakes on them after one good strike. In fact, certain fighters have flat-out made a career based around the faith they've got in their chin holding up against bomb after bomb.

There's a whole other level of toughness to having a granite jawline that does nothing but frustrate an opponent. But then again, many fighters see the opportunity to shatter a legendary chin as being one of the greatest challenges of being in the MMA game.

On that trail of thought, then, here are the ten greatest chins in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.


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