10 Times Fighters Used Their Signature Move In A Movie

These fighters showcased their skills on the big screen.


Though the profile of mixed martial arts has risen consistently in the last few years, we are only two decades removed from the time in which the UFC was in danger of being shut down before it burst into the mainstream.

One of the first times the sport was exposed to wider audiences outside of pay-per-view fight fans came in the 1997 Friends episode The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion.

However, the show didn't exactly do a lot to challenge the stereotype of all fighters as unintelligent meatheads, with Tank Abbott mercilessly beating Monica's boyfriend, and standing on his neck until he was rendered unconscious.

These days though, the sport is viewed in an entirely different light, with MMA connected to its background in traditional martial arts, and fighters recognised as athletes rather than mere thugs.

This transition has allowed fighters to feature more prominently in the mainstream media, with a select few successfully transitioning into a career on the big screen.

Though some fighters actually have relatively decent acting chops, it's not surprising that when a fighter is on set, more often than not, they're involved in some type of choreographed fighting.

What better way to get a trained combatant over on film then by having them display the moves that made them famous in the cage on the big screen?


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