10 UFC Fighters Dana White Fell Out Of Love With

The UFC President has a habit of falling out with the company's biggest stars.

Jeff Chiu/AP/Duane Burleson/AP

When looking at the Ultimate Fighting Championship, so many instantly think of Dana White as being the face of the MMA organisation. And that's a fair assessment, for White has been the very public front for the UFC since he became involved with the company back in 2001.

Since '01, Dana has been President of the UFC, and he's been involved in each and every facet of the business. For each UFC event, you'll always find Dana White overseeing proceedings and usually front and centre with the promotion of these shows. Point is, to many, Dana White is the UFC.

Of course, the real stars of the UFC are the fighters themselves, yet Dana's public persona and charisma often sees him positioned as the main man of the fight game. That's not to say that White hasn't had his fair share of controversies over the years, mind. In fact, Dana White has very publicly fallen out with more fighters than pretty much anyone ever to be under a UFC contract has.

Here, then, are ten examples of UFC fighters that Dana White was obsessed with, before ultimately souring on them and making no bones about calling them out.


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