10 UFC Fighters Dana White Fell Out Of Love With

9. Ken Shamrock

Dana White Bj Penn Cross

During the initial boom period of the UFC, one of the players well and truly in the mix for the surge in popularity was Ken Shamrock.

A veteran of the UFC’s first few years and likewise a star in the then-WWF, Shamrock brought eyes to the UFC product – as shown by his UFC 40 fight against Tito Ortiz. In fact, Dana White himself was full of praise for Shamrock at UFC 40, and credited The World’s Most Dangerous Man with being the reason for the PPV’s success.

After Shamrock left the UFC in 2007, however, he soon found himself on Dana White’s bad side as the pair engaged in a very public falling out.

A court case ensued, with Shamrock suing the UFC for breach of contract. Instead, that court case went in the favour of the UFC and the fighter would end up owing the company $175,000.

Dana White would make public comments in the aftermath of this, calling out Shamrock as a “piece of sh*t” and “irrelevant” as the relationship between the two parties well and truly fell apart.

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