10 UFC Fighters Who Had Perfect Performances Inside The Octagon

Flawless Victory!!

John Locher/AP

When someone competes in a sport that's as chaotic and violent as MMA, even achieving a great performance should be applauded, let alone a perfect one. The difficulty only increases as fighters rise up the ranks and begin battling the best competition in the world in promotions like the UFC.

Although it's rare to see a fighter go into a competition state that produces the finest combination of technique, strength, balance and finesse, there have been some moments in the promotion's history where fight fans have witnessed poetry in motion. They're able to utilise every minute detail that they'd worked on prior to their bout and execute it to perfection.

We've gone back through the UFC's immense fight catalogue and picked out the ten Octagon performances that simply defied belief. From fighters who have created the ultimate game plan to defeat a feared opponent to special fighters who are experts in turning their opponent's biggest strengths and best habits into the sort of weakness they only see in their nightmares, these are the ten most perfect performances we've ever seen inside the UFC.

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