10 UFC Prodigies Who Didn't Live Up To The Billing

With great promise, comes great expectations...

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In every sport, potential stars are given the title of 'next big thing' before they've even had the chance to get their feet on the ground.

Hype can obviously be a positive resource. With it you can generate anticipation and excitement for a performer in their chosen field, which in turn will get eyes on your product and money in your pocket.

MMA - and UFC in particular - is no different. Dana White is constantly trying to unearth the next gem that will carry his company into the future and when his track record includes the likes of Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey, you wouldn't bet against him doing so.

It's not as simple as finding talent, though.

Many fighters put in the hours and earn the accolades that get them on UFC's radar, only to falter on the ultimate stage of MMA. Be it through injuries, poor life choices or producing a torrid run of losses, UFC has the capacity to chew up and spit out any competitor who isn't deemed capable of living up to their potential.

In the promotion's 26 year history, many fighters have burst onto the scene and galvanised fans into believing they are about to witness a prodigy take over the world. Let's take a look at a couple who didn’t exactly live up to that billing.

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