10 UFC Rivals Who Seriously Can’t Stand Each Other

It's easy to punch someone in the face when you seriously hate their guts.


Despite the fact that UFC fighters earn their living from beating the living p*ss out of whoever is stood in front of them in the Octagon, most combatants tend to actually share a mutual respect for one another and some are even quite close pals outside of the fighting arena.

Yet, that doesn't mean that each and every contender in the company are on the best of terms and would be happy to go for a drink together once they've finished throwing down in the cage.

In fact, throughout the company's history, some UFC fighters have despised each other so much that it was deemed a security risk to have the pair sat in the same room.

But, it's these seriously intense rivalries which make for the most compelling action inside of the world of MMA and the UFC has been home to some of the most bitter feuds in all of combat sports over the years.

We've seen press conferences demolished, bad blood spilled and deeply personal shots fired all due to a set of Mixed Martial Artists not seeing eye-to-eye.

This bunch of mortal enemies definitely don't agree on much, but they'll all admit that stepping up to fight becomes a whole lot easier when you're faced with someone you seriously cannot stand.


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