5 Most Dangerous Moms In UFC History

These women have gone from changing diapers to changing mixed martial arts.


Being a professional mixed martial artist isn't easy. In most cases, it takes years of rigorous training to even have a shot at signing with a major organization like UFC.

Of course, getting noticed by a top promotion generally requires one to devote their whole lives to become one of the world's most elite fighters.

As it turns out, some fighters have another job that is also extremely important, though not always as glamorous. This role requires extreme dedication and has more than its share of hardships — it's called parenting.

Being a parent, particularly a mother, is no easy task. However, when one combines the hardships of motherhood with having to train daily for a pro MMA career, it makes for some unique challenges.

That being said, in recent years, we have seen several moms not only compete but thrive in promotions like the UFC.

These women have gone from changing diapers to changing the mixed martial arts landscape.

To celebrate these lethal ladies, we are going to take look at the five most dangerous moms to ever set foot inside the Octagon.


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