6 UFC Opponents Conor McGregor Will Probably Face Next

How well will The Notorious fare against the old rivals, new blood, and the reigning champion?


Conor McGregor is back after 15 months odd absence from the octagon, and he's back with a bang. A 40-second win over another UFC legend Donald Cerrone reminded the audience why McGregor has the reputation of one of the best fighters in the sport. This victory has opened a slew of possibilities for Conor with every fighter eager to receive the kind of payday a fight with McGregor usually brings.

The other interesting thing is the weight class since The Notorious has now become the first fighter in UFC history to have knockout victories in three weight divisions. His move to 170, which was criticized by Dana White at first, means that McGregor is eyeing gold in welterweight, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he lost interest in gaining back the two belts he previously held.

With that said, there are 6 fighters that are likely to be next in line for an attempt at defeating the legend and receiving their biggest salary yet. When it comes to picking the fights, we know it's a decision made both by McGregor and the UFC, so there is a lot at play here, but only these 6 have the reasons and the right conditions to make the fights huge, and we know that Connor likes nothing less than that.


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