8 Fights To Make After UFC 246

Who should the winners and losers from UFC 246 face after tonight's bouts?


There's been plenty of movement in the UFC rankings following the events of UFC 246. For the fighters that came out victorious on the night, they'll have some serious challenges awaiting them, but for those who lost, their next opponents could be the last ones they fight against in the UFC.

We took some of the top names from the UFC's 2020 return and played fantasy matchmaker with who we believe should be their next fight. From deciding on the next big opponent for Conor McGregor following his outstanding victory over Donald Cerrone to figuring out what to do next with MMA legend, Anthony Pettis, as we begin to watch the tailend of his MMA career.

Some of these fight might seem like the obvious choice, but if we've learned anything from this chaotic sport, it's that things rarely ever go to plan. Despite that, we've taken a look at the dream match-ups that we can make from the giant UFC 246 card and why they make the best fights coming out of the event.

Let's have a look at what we think should be next up in the following months...


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