8 Most Embarrassing Moments In MMA History

These moments are the most cringe-inducing in the history of the sport.

Adrenaline MMA/AXS TV LLC

In a sport where one wrong move can lead to a fighter being brutally knocked out in front of their friends and family all in the pursuit of victory in the cage, it's not surprising that MMA comes with a certain level of machismo from those who compete inside the Octagon for our entertainment.

Sometimes though, things happen both in and out of the cage that can leave fighters red-faced.

With an increasing media spotlight on the sport as a whole, the lives of the athletes involved in MMA are recorded more than ever before. Back in the day fighters could expect at least a modicum of privacy outside of the week of competition, but now it seems like every embarrassing moment for these guys is captured on camera for the world to see, and regularly immortalised by fans online.

Whether it is a performance to forget, or a particular occurrence in a fighter's private life, sometimes MMA seems like a hub for all things awkward, cringeworthy, and just downright embarrassing.

These guys probably wish that they could erase these embarrassing moments from the history of the sport.


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