8 Ways Fighter's Bodies Changed Forever Because Of MMA

These fighters left it all in the cage and will never been the same.

Bellator/Instagram, @criscyborg

To say that Mixed Martial Arts is a sport that comes with a potential for injury is probably quite a significant understatement.

However, for the most part, MMA has managed to remain technically safer than other combat sports such as boxing, as the lack of a standing count means that fighters generally don't take any more concussive trauma than is absolutely necessary during the course of a fight.

Provided the referee intervenes at the right time that is...

However, as anyone who has ever strapped on some gloves, laced up their wrestling shoes, or tied the belt on their gi can attest, injuries are inherent in combat sports, and you're bound to pick up a few along the away.

However, while a black eye or a fat lip will eventually heal, there are some injuries fighters have picked up during their time in MMA that have stayed with them, serving as a constant reminder of the wars they have engaged in inside the cage during their careers.

These guys suffered long-lasting battle scars all in the pursuit of glory in the sport of MMA.


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