10 MORE Times Doctor Who Appeared In Other TV Shows

Family Guy, Good Omens, and other times Doctor Who has traversed the TV multiverse!

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Doctor Who is one of the biggest, longest-running, and most important TV shows in the history of the small screen, so it's only natural that it has crossed over with plenty of other programmes over the years.

Somebody should really make a list of all these moments... ah, somebody already did.

Well, somebody should do another one!

Yes, it turns out that there are even more instances of everyone's favourite flying police box transporting the last of the Time Lords to realms beyond the ones they're used to. Sometimes, references to the show have cropped up in projects featuring former Who actors, but on other occasions, they've turned up completely out of the blue.

Whether they've been sneaky homages or full-blown copycats, these ten instances show just how wide a net Doctor Who has cast over our culture. From soap operas to big-budget action shows to kids TV, the franchise has wormed its way into every nook and cranny of television, with no signs of slowing down.

How many of these easter eggs did you spot in the moment? And how many of these shows will you be going back to rewatch after you're done with this list?

10. Staged

Good Omens 2 David Tennant Doctor Who Matt Smith fez
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The Zoom comedy Staged features a very obvious Doctor Who connection in the shape of the former (and current) Doctor Who star David Tennant in a leading role.

But hey, any time spent talking about DT is time well spent.

An utter gem of pandemic-era TV, the show features Tennant and fellow actor Michael Sheen as fictionalised versions of themselves. Over various Zoom calls, the grumpy thespians attempt to rehearse for an upcoming play, only to massively get on each other's nerves. It's a fantastic show, and one that, inevitably, talks about Doctor Who a lot.

In one argument – moderated by Whoopi Goldberg, of all people – Tennant screams "I'm Doctor Who!", only for Sheen to reply "Not anymore, baby!" Well, after The Power of the Doctor... joke's on him.

Doctor Who The Power of the Doctor David Tennant Fourteenth Doctor
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Then there's this cool detail from the first series, which only the most dedicated of viewers managed to spot first time round. While Tennant is on the phone in his garden, a miniature TARDIS is visible just behind him, hidden among some trees.

Tennant later confirmed that it was not a real Doctor Who prop stolen from the set, but that it had been built by the step-grandfather of his children for them to play in. Aww.

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