1 Up & 6 Downs From AEW Rampage (March 29 - Results & Review)

Sorry, Young Bucks, but this week's AEW Rampage gets a huge thumbs DOWN.

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It's time to go in two-footed on AEW Rampage.

This writer has watched every single episode of the 'B' then 'C' show since it launched in 2021. The highs of CM Punk, the lows of squash match city and everywhere in between - it's been a ride, but that ride needs some maintenance before something bad happens. This week's show was a troubling one, especially for company hardcores.

Everyone wants All Elite Wrestling to grow. People who care about having a genuine alternative to WWE want ratings to soar, attendances to increase and banging content to watch every single week. That's why Tony Khan needs to be strapped to a chair and forced to watch the hour of wrestling telly he thought was acceptable on Friday night.

Is that too dramatic? Probably, but it comes from a good place. Most understand that Rampage isn't the priority, but it needs more love than it's been getting. Episodes like this latest one are simply unacceptable, not least when Khan is negotiating for a brand new TV deal. What kind of message does this tripe send to execs making those key decisions?!

Apologies in advance, but there isn't a boatload of positivity ahead.

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