1 Up & 6 Downs From AEW Rampage (Sept 30)

Hangman Page's face says it all. This was NOT a good episode of AEW Rampage.

The Acclaimed AEW Fan Sign

The Acclaimed are hot sh*t and one of the most over acts around.

Fans love them, evidenced by how fired up Philly was for the team's first AEW Tag-Team Title defence on this week's episode of Rampage. See above for yet more proof; one fan's sign said, "88 Days Until Christmas & All I Want Is To Scissor The Acclaimed'.

Well, it's now less than that until the big day and all this wrestling fan wants is for Rampage to show some damn consistency before people start writing it off as WWF Metal 2K22. This past Friday's show was a horrible reminder of just how erratic All Elite's product has been lately. There were inconsequential matches, set up for bouts with far too many stipulations, nothing segments and more.

It was actually pretty brutal.

Great wrestling should be a given in a company with this much talent, but TK is favouring wayward storytelling instead. It isn't working, and it made this week's Rampage one of the worst AEW has ever put in front of its cameras.

Here's all the erm...good and (lots of) bad.

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