10 Abandoned Wrestling Gimmicks That Would Have Been Awesome

Hey, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know...


Every so often, the creative team at WWE throws a gimmick at its viewers that is so mind-bendingly terrible that we have to wonder if the writers completely loathe the guy they've decided to put into that centaur costume. 

There's certainly no shortage of awful WWE gimmicks from over the years, and we can only assume there are even worse character ideas that were scrapped before they ever appeared on television (just imagine the level of atrocious those had to reach).

Yet, considering how bad Vince McMahon's track record has been with diagnosing the validity of any given persona, one might assume that he's probably passed on some pretty great ideas, too. 

And you would be correct. It turns out the WWE's ineptness for developing gimmicks goes both ways, as they occasionally let a perfectly good character slip through the cracks without giving it the chance it deserves to shine and, you know, get over. 

Some of these were very briefly tested in front of audiences, while others never actually moved beyond the brainstorming stage. But rest assured, each and every one of them is ten times better than Bastion Booger or Repo Man every were...

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