10 AEW Wrestlers Already Dreaming Of WWE

Andrade El Idolo got told to "f*ck off", but who else on AEW's roster dreams of a WWE jump?

Andrade El Idolo WWE

AEW has packed enough drama into the past few months to last a lifetime.

Tony Khan's bewildered expressions during a now-iconic post-All Out press conference told the story of a man struggling to keep a lid on things. Unprofessional comments were made, suspensions were handed out following backstage fights, and now the All Elite boss has to soldier on into 2023.

His roster could look very different by this time next year too. Obviously, wrestlers are tied down to (often lengthy) contracts that stop them from just upping sticks and bolting to the competition, but that doesn't mean they won't be dreaming about it.

This was all unthinkable before Vince McMahon's retirement in July, too - Triple H is a chief that many on AEW's roster respect/want to work for, and that could be causing some serious unrest behind the scenes in Khan's locker room. It's unlikely that all of this background noise will quieten soon either.

AEW once seemed like paradise for pro wrestlers, but recent events have chipped away at that idea. Here's who could be eyeing up a Cody Rhodes-esque leap of faith...

10. Ruby Soho

Andrade El Idolo WWE

The grass wasn't greener.

AEW lovers worldwide cheered when Ruby Soho signed on the dotted line with Tony Khan's league in September 2021. It wouldn't be long, WWE critics said, before Ruby's decision was justified by a proper push on the All Elite. Or, y'know, perhaps not.

Soho is over one year deep into this run and it's been a quite miserable experience for fans to watch. She's become the "nearly woman" of AEW's female division, and it's almost a running joke that she'll lose crunch matches at this point. There's just nothing about the way Ruby is used that's truly satisfying, or even slightly better than WWE's booking.

It must have crossed Soho's mind that old pals like Liv Morgan have received singles titles reigns this year. Ruby has a lot of friends on the WWE side (as evidenced by the outpouring of support she received following recent surgery), so she'd slot right back into things without much fuss.


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