10 AEW Wrestlers Who Are In Big Trouble

This bunch of AEW stars look doomed if something doesn't change soon...

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Even Tony Khan's vibrant promotion hasn't been able to entirely escape the unfortunate side effect that tends to come from a rather bloated roster of gifted in-ring performers.

In short, trying to give everyone under AEW contract something meaningful or compelling to do each and every week is pretty damn near impossible. And that reality has led to a great many All Elite sensations currently sitting in a rather undesirable position right about now.

Now it'd be foolish to claim that the fresh, young promotion itself is in any serious danger at this current moment in time, with the Jacksonville-based wrestling outfit still boasting many of the hottest stars on the planet, some of the strongest weekly storytelling in the business, and rather impressive ratings/PPV numbers for such a new property.

But the same can not be said for the following underutilised or underwhelming All Elite guys and gals.

From once-white hot babyface monsters losing a frightening amount of momentum, to mid-card aces who have been all but forgotten, the future doesn't look all that bright for these members of TK's roster - if things don't change sooner rather than later.

10. The Firm

Wardlow TNT Title

Had a rather infamous epilogue not followed the jaw-dropping closing stages of All Out 2022, there's a solid chance MJF's faction on retainer would've made quite the impact in the months that followed.

But Brawl Out would ultimately come to pass, and so an audible of sorts was forced into action.

Instead of the unit acting as an intimidating squad of goons to be reckoned with after gifting MJ(oker)F his all-important title-shot chip, Stokely Hathaway and his Firm wound up become a strange set of side characters in the lead-up to Maxwell vs. Moxley at Full Gear.

And in the wake of turning on the future AEW World Champion, The Firm has now seen their stock take a rather disappointing dive, with the laughable unit continually coming up short when the lights are brightest and quickly becoming the second coming of the HFO.

As Hathaway himself would note recently, however, everyone involved is still understandably trying to figure out how to make the gang of a-holes actually work on the back of "the original purpose" not being the purpose anymore.

But if Tony can't figure out a way of presenting the team as a more threatening presence soon, there's a good chance Stokely's crew will be added to the pile of All Elite failed experiments at some point in 2023.

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