10 AEW Wrestlers You Won’t Believe WWE Passed On

The AEW roster would look A LOT different today if WWE chose to sign these terrific talents.


WWE has been renowned over the years for passing on some superb talents.

Only recently it was reported they chose not to sign ROH World Champion RUSH, believing he was asking for too much money, even though he’s regarded as having a huge upside and could be moulded into one of their premier Superstars.

It took years for WWE to even consider signing talent that made their names and reputations elsewhere on the independent scene like Samoa Joe, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Vince McMahon even reportedly went as far as telling AJ Styles "I wish I would have hired you ten years ago" after he excelled in every match and angle the company put him in when they eventually did sign him in 2016.

Thankfully NXT, the brainchild of Triple H’s vision for the future of the company, has been a Trojan Horse of sorts in the last decade for getting ‘indie darlings’ into the WWE system and fine-tuning them for the main roster.

But even with NXT, WWE has missed massive opportunities in signing these talents that have thrived in their main competitor AEW.

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