10 Amazing Contributions Scott Hall Made To Professional Wrestling

Hey, yo. "The Bad Guy" leaves behind quite the legacy in the squared circle.

Razor Ramon Intercontinental Champion

“Hard work pays off, dreams do come true. Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do.”

When Scott Hall delivered these words during his 2014 WWE Hall of Fame induction speech, it was a statement of triumph felt the world over.

An icon in the industry, Hall’s battles with his personal demons have been well documented throughout the years, as was his fall from grace following his release from WWE in 2002.

With the help of Diamond Dallas Page and the generosity of wrestling fans throughout the world, “The Bad Guy” began to thrive once again, his gratitude for the support echoing louder than the roar of a crowd following one of Hall’s surveys.

This rejuvenation would serve as an inspiration to many going through similar battles in their own lives. Multiple inductions into the WWE Hall of Fame would quickly follow his recovery, both as Razor Ramon and as a founding member of the legendary New World Order faction.

With Hall now having passed away following complications from an emergency hip surgery, it feels appropriate to take a moment to appreciate his legendary contributions to professional wrestling as we keep his family and friends in our thoughts.

10. Elevating Others

Razor Ramon Intercontinental Champion

One of the most entertaining angles of WWF’s New Generation era was The 1-2-3 Kid’s unbelievable upset over peak-heel Razor Ramon, not to mention the shenanigans that followed involving rematches, $10,000, and an eventual face turn for “The Bad Guy”.

This victory proved to be a pivotal moment for Sean Waltman, helping to cement his status as a star in the eyes of both the fans and WWF management, and that couldn't have happened were it not for the selflessness of Scott Hall.

In WCW, it was Hall and Nash’s eagerness to enter into a program with Diamond Dallas Page that would help the “Master Of The Diamond Cutter” finally get recognized by an apathetic booking committee as potential player in the promotion.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc., DDP revealed how far Hall went to help him:

“People call it politics, but it’s really who are you willing to care enough about to help enough to say ‘this guy is a good guy, you have to take care of him.’ That’s what I did for Kevin. Kevin had done that for me a bunch of times, and my career never takes off if not for Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.”

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