10 Amazing Wrestling Moments That Came Totally Out Of Nowhere

Wrestling fans definitely didn't see these moments coming... and that's what helped make them epic!

Athena AEW

If there's one thing wrestling fans love more than the sight of their favourites winning the big one or witnessing an absolute classic of an in-ring showing, it's that feeling of being well and truly shocked to the core by what they're witnessing unfold before them.

Now that's not to say that every single swerve pumped into the business of professional wrestling has resulted in an undoubtedly epic moment of brilliance. Sometimes delivering an unexpected/unwanted result or development can entirely derail a PPV, as seen during the rather infamous 2014 Royal Rumble event, for example.

But then there's those times when executing a sequence that didn't even seem possible heading into a show or bout left fans with their head in their hands for all the right reasons; either punching the air with glee or cursing their screens on the back of the best sort of heat, brother.

Whether it was due to the once-seemingly-impossible comeback of an iconic figure out of the blue, or a truly savage beatdown catching just about the entire planet off-guard on the night, these wrestling occurrences all stunned the world in the best way possible.

10. Brock Breaks The Deadman (And His Streak) - WWE WrestleMania XXX

Athena AEW

It's probably wise to get arguably the biggest shocker in WrestleMania history out of the way early, right?

And while there will always be those who argue that such a monumental victory should've been reserved for an up-and-coming talent or a full-time main event sensation, who else on the WWE roster around the time of WrestleMania XXX could've realistically brutalised The Undertaker to the point of massacring his precious Streak?

But even with Brock Lesnar seeming like arguably the most dangerous potential Phenom-breaker in an age coming into that year's Show of Shows, the somewhat underwhelming build heading into the latest chapter of The Beast vs. The Deadman seemed to suggest that 'Taker was unquestionably walking out of New Orleans with a 22-0.

Yet, it was perhaps that rather understated lead-in that set the stage for the planet to react in the way it did the second it became clear The Demon of Death Valley wasn't rising up off the canvas after a third and final F5.

Shocked meme-faces aplenty.

The life and soul being audibly sucked out of the SuperDome.

And a both astounding and unsettling visual that will be scorched into wrestling history forever.

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