10 Amazing WWE Debut Matches

You know what they say about first impressions.

Kevin Owens John Cena Elimination Chamber 2015

The old saying goes that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Strangely, in the world of wrestling, this rule is thrown out the window. With gimmick changes, multiple brands and character swerves in no short supply, superstars have the opportunity to be reborn in the eyes of casual fans.

For the more seasoned viewer, it can be hard to overlook a wrestler's first outing on the big stage. Many superstars have begun their wrestling lives as enhancement talents and moved their way up the card - but their debut match is forever remembered in retrospective documentaries and, more recently, Network specials.

Even some of the greatest names in the business have taken time to adapt to the WWE style or simply find their groove. Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle are just a few of the names who have publicly spoken about their struggles in the early days of their WWE careers.

To come out of the gate with an amazing match doesn't guarantee a stellar career at the top of the card - but it can be a stepping stone to greater things. Some surprising names have wowed crowds in their debut match, but couldn't maintain the same standard in future appearances.

A good showing in a debut match can do wonders for fan perception, momentum and legacy, just as an equally poor first outing can spell curtains for lesser performers.

Just ask Buff Bagwell; a great first match is an undeniable mark on WWE history.

10. Rey Mysterio (Smackdown, 2002)

Kevin Owens John Cena Elimination Chamber 2015

After weeks of promo packages and vignettes, Rey Mysterio made his long awaited WWE debut on the July 25th 2002 edition of Smackdown, taking on long time rival Chavo Guerrero.

Far from a squash, the match beautifully introduced the essential dichotomy of Mysterio's persona. On the one hand, he darted around the ring with lightning quick manoeuvres and reversals - but whenever Guerrero regained control, the sympathy he garnered was almost instant.

Mysterio was a bottle rocket of excitement, forever walking the tightrope between frantic and fragile. This match told the WWE audience all they needed to know about the masked man. Guerrero is just as pivotal to the success of the match; he knew his role, and executed it flawlessly.

Mixing a variety of styles and adding elements reminiscent of WCW's wildly popular Cruiserweight division, the two men benefited from years of experience working together and having a clear vision for the match.

Mysterio's strong performance made him an instant hit with fans, becoming a merchandise juggernaut and one of the most successful superstars of the last quarter century.


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